Studentsக்கு எதுக்கு WhatsApp ??? by Bharathi Baskar - YouTube

The inspirational session of Ms. Bharathy Baskar, Vice President. The speech was highly inspirational to the students where she explained what is entrepreneurship rather than promoting entrepreneurship. She clearly defined how to become entrepreneurs than to become an employers.Follow us on===========Facebook: #Entrepreneurship #Inspiration

Charlie Farndon

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JianHui Liao

I like how people say USA sucks and cheats, but they're releasing their anger on US for being first in the medal count for like 4 consecutive Olympics, but we all know Russia is the cheater here.

Benjo8 MofoBenjo

I do not fear death

Jessie Branham

Dylan you are amazing! Don't let anyone tell you different! <3

Matt W

Is there really nothing better to do during your free time? oh wait, its College Station.

The Great Emu

Do Dark Souls!

No Name



I have Nuketown 2025, but only for multiplayer even though I pre-ordered the game. Any help or tips?

T - Block

Your psychopath looks like Lex Luther

Francis Bonnefoy


1. Find a man who will love you


We gone really make you famous😈

Маски маски маски

Ведь так тебя зовут


thats treyarch for you haha


The Scarab Gun isn't an easter egg. It is actually the gun that the scarab fires. They just needed to place the entity somewhere on the map.

Amanda Brittain

Im calling it he said the past isnt as it seems their parents didn't die 😂

Klaus Fischer

Looks awesome. I'll buy it next year when it's available on Steam...

yeetus fetus

reads title

Stratos Fear

Sony we're the only ones smart enough to distance themselves from the shitshow. Its so cringey to watch all the forced applause and garbage games and services no one wants😂 seriously the only good thing to come of this is a division movie on netflix but somehow they'll manage to ruin that as well

Trudi Bache

Do a back flip

Mustaq Saif

what a west of gatorade

hari shankar

These guys should be in theNBA


I don't get why they crowbar the Wilhelm scream into stuff, is it a sound guy right of passage? Or just a marketing ploy to get on the list of things that have used the Wilhelm scream?

Isaac Davenport

Last cat is pepper

Me: fine....


Yay one of the worst Final Fantasy games remastered. Woo! Hype to play this trash and spend 80% of my time drawing from enemies again!

cray 3K

y u asking grown men to hot tub with u so random r u trolling gay or  just weird

Claire Barnes

I like love Christian song that your playing

Jovan Borojevic

Ty looks coolest

Estefany Bueno


adewole oluwasegun

Loved it!

I Peed on my wallet.

Brandon Naatz

Oh this is dark .... so dark... I love it!!


Best Easter Eggs on Game Mods (Like Underhell, Cry of Fear, etc)


2:23 he choked lol!

Josh Davis

Are we just not going to talk about tys crocks

Me: I once called the cops on my sister for crossing the street when our parents said not to

Dragon Bones