RESTful API From Scratch Using Node, Express and MongoDB - YouTube

In this video we will create a full RESTful web api that will allow us to get, post, put and delete JSON data through requests. It is long but it is from absolute scratch front to back. No copy and paste and no generators, etcSecond part with Angular frontend - FILES - MY WEBISTE: Check Out My Udemy Courses

Cómo armar una Base de Datos | Excel 2013 Curso Aavanzado #23 - YouTube

Cómo crear una base de datos en Excel 2013¡Suscríbete!


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HOW I MAKE MONEY AS A 14 YEAR OLD! | India Grace - YouTube

INSTAGRAM: indiagracehalsell I hope you enjoy this long awaited video! P.O. BOX:PO BOX 436STROUDGL6 1JTemail for business enquiries only: Indiagraceh2002@gmail.comFollow my social media:Instagram- IndiagracesnapsTumblr-

How to win in forex WITH the Market Makers. Ride their coattails - YouTube

If you cannot beat them stop fighting and join them! Your tiny fx account has no power to stop the currency markets.Want to trade with me and my highly trained team of assassins? In our live room you can see my screen hear the news as it breaks, hear me explaining entries and exits as well as see it before your eyes. Hear all the management of the trades. 8 monitors, 40 charts. A lot of pips. Make money and get trained by one of the most experienced forex traders in the world, yours truly... robinhood himself.Come join me and my team of merry men as we kill the market daily like assassins do. You will also get access to the entire video vault. Learn a system for free that others paid thousands for.

The Struggles of Trading - The Real Forex Trader: Trading To Success - YouTube

The Struggles of Trading - The Real Forex Trader: Trading To SuccessSubscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔Watch the NEWEST videos: 5: The candidates receive their live accounts and get a taste of what trading the markets is actually like.Follow Samuel Leach:Facebook: Facebook: more Samuel Leach:Life of a Trader: & Co Trading Education: Talk and Tea: Videos: Videos: to the official Samuel Leach YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Educational content which I hope will Inspire and Motivate you, including Trading tips, Q&As, How to be successful in trading and more. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications so you never miss a video! For instant updates, follow us on our social media accounts above. #therealforextrader #episode5 #strugglesoftrading #forex #forextradingVideo Editor - Chaz (@ChazJania)

John Cena - Transformation From 1 To 40 Years Old - YouTube

► THE BODY TRANSFORMATION BLUEPRINT: You Want To Transform your body From Fat/Skinny to Muscular and don't know how you start and what is the best Diet&Workout routine for your body?, Here is The Best Personalized Workout Program, Sign Up Now with seannal Fitness For 77$ Instead of 97$ it Really Worth, Discount link From Here : SUPERSTARS Transformations- John Cena -Fitness & Bodybuilding motivationMaybe you want to watchTop 10 Heaviest And Largest Wrestlers In WWE/WWF/WCW History10 Monster Strongest Wrestlers In WWE Of All Time10 Monsters Scariest WWE Wrestlersyou enjoyed watching subscribe for a new video every day.Subscribe HERE: for watching!Top DiscoveryLike us on Facebook:

How To Write Text With An Image In Your Microsoft Word File (2019) - YouTube

In this video, you can learn how to put text to the inserted Image in your Microsoft Word in many or different ways so easily and fast.How To Insert Image Into Another Image Using Microsoft WordTo Put Text Over An Image Using MS Power PointTo Remove Image Background By Just Using "Paint" On Your PCTo Send YouTube Video via Gmail

PicsArt Tutorial | Edit Rain Effect & Changing Background | Deny King - YouTube

Follow my Instagram : Instagram : for watching. I hope you like and enjoy this video. I hope you can do the tutorial in home. Thank you 'if you like. giving the button I like!. Do not forget to Subscribe.The Music I use: - AMAZING for YouTubersDOWNLOAD PICSART FROM:Google Play: Store: Store: Phone Store: Stock Images Model : : Effect : Splash : Intro : Me :Instagram : :: Deny King ( all rights reserved ) DO NOT copy or reupload this video without my permission !

10 Programming Languages in ONLY 15 minutes! - YouTube

Learn web development like a pro:Course: about 10 programming languages in only 15 minutes! The point of this video is to give you an overview of each of these popular languages, and how they are used in the real world. So it is a mix of programmatic and business concerns about each of the programming languages. I cover C++, Java, Swift, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, C, Ruby and C#.There are many more programming languages out there, but these are are the most important in 2018.Learn Python 3 fast: an AMAZING Business: Instagram:

1 Amico invidioso è peggio di 100 Nemici - YouTube


Step 2 Clinical Skills Exam | How To Crush It - YouTube

I share with you my tips and tricks to passing CS.

Lagu Religi Ust Jefri, Opick, Bimbo, Maher Zein, Ungu & Wali (Syahdu - Enak di Dengar) #02 - YouTube

Kumpulan Lagu-Lagu Religi Terbaik & Enak di Dengar (Penyejuk Hati)- Opick- Ustad Jefri Al Buchori (Alm)- Bimbo- Maher Zein- Ungu- Wali

3 things I wish I'd known when I started my Etsy Shop- Live Q&A - YouTube

Skip to 10:00 to pass my intro. ;) In this exclusive Thursday-night Q&A, I'll be sharing with you the THREE things I wish I'd known BEFORE starting my Etsy shop and how you can use these three things to gain a competitive edge if you're new to selling! ↓ OPEN FOR LINKS↓-Join the free Handmade Alpha FB Community: the Handmade Alpha VIPs to get your free training guide covering how to gain FANATICAL FANS on FB: more about the Alpha Mentorship Program: FAN MAILBOX IS OPEN! Want to send us something for our fan-mail wall/Alpha giveaways? All products sent will be featured in future Fan-mail Unboxing videos, coming Spring, 2018! 📭 FAN-MAIL GUIDELINES: • No homemade edible items. All food items must be in original packages. • No liquids from countries outside of the US. • Items must be family appropriate. • Please include your shop name or business card so we can give your shop a shout-out! - PO BOX ADDRESS: Handmade Alphas PO BOX 341036Beavercreek, OH 45434USACOMMENT with an Etsy or Marketing topic you'd like to learn for future videos!_____________________________________________________-My Etsy Shop: Shop's Facebook Page: Shop's FB Group:

Audio Myths Workshop - YouTube

This is a video version of my Audio Myths workshop from the October 2009 AES show in New York City. Because of a few music examples I used, this video blocked in some countries. So watch it here:and discussions about this video are welcome at my Audio Expert forum:copyright and other reasons, Part 1 of this video includes only a portion of the live event that also featured James Johnston, Poppy Crum, and Jason Bradley. Parts 2 and 3 present a more focused recreation of my presentation, including many topics we didn't have time for at the live show.In this video you will hear what phase shift sounds like, compare high- and low-end converters, learn about proper test methods, understand why hearing is not as reliable as test gear, and much more. So set aside an hour when you won't be disturbed, and enjoy.The original high quality example Wave files mentioned in Part 3 can be downloaded from my web site, along with other files related to this video including the complete narration script: video mentions ABX software for doing your own blind tests. This freeware program is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux:my book The Audio Expert, inspired in part by this video and containing much more information, is available on my web site:

Strategi WhatsApp Marketing - YouTube


Bazı ürünlerin sağlığımız için gerçekten tehlikeli olduğunu ve bazılarının da sağlıklı oldukları için bize iyi geldiğini biliyoruz. Ancak bu konu o kadar basit değildir ve en çok öne çıkarılan ve popüler gıdaların bazıları aslında zararlı olabilir. Bu 10 tehlikeli yiyeceği kendinizin ve ailenizin sağlığı için asla yemeyin.“Konsantre değil” veya “% 100 saf”meyve suyu etiketlerini görseniz bile, bunların sizi kandırmasına izin vermeyin. Meyve suları, farklı meyvelerden sıkıldıktan sonra, ambalajlanmadan önce bir yıla kadar bekletilebilecekleri büyük vakumlu depolarda tutulur! Ve o zamana kadar, meyve suyu tüm lezzetini yitirmiş olur. Bu yüzden üreticiler ürüne tekrar meyvemsi tadı vermek için yapay tatlandırıcılar eklemek zorundadırlar.Çoğu durumda mısır gevreği rafine karbonhidrat ve şeker içerir. Etiketi, yağ içermediğini ve tam tahıl olduğunu garanti etse bile, malzeme listesini kontrol edin. Muhtemelen ürünün şeker dolu olduğunu göreceksiniz. Yaygın inanca rağmen, çoğu yoğurt probiyotik bakteriler içermez çünkü pastörize etme işlemi tüm bu mikroorganizmaları öldürür.Tüketildiklerinde trans yağlar yüksek kolesterole, felce, kalp hastalıklarına ve hatta kansere neden olabilirler. Dondurma ayrıca şeker, yapay aromalar ve sentetik koruyucular içerir. Ve eğer dondurma pembe, mor veya kırmızı renklerde ise, büyük olasılıkla, koşnil özü veya karmin gibi kötü alerjik reaksiyonlara neden olabilecek katkı maddeleriyle renklendirilmiş demektir..Patlamış mısırda da genetiği değiştirilmiş bazı bileşenlerin yanı sıra tatlandırıcı kimyasallar ve katkı maddeleri de vardır. Bu, kalp krizi, sindirim sorunları, alerjiler, deri döküntüleri ve solunum problemleri gibi sağlık sorunlarına yol açar ve bu iç karartıcı liste uzar gider. Dahası, patlamış mısır son derece kalorilidir.Timestamps:Meyve suları 0:37Enerji barları 1:42Mısır gevreği 2:31Margarin 3:21Az yağlı yoğurt 4:11Dondurma 5:01Yumurta 6:07Mikrodalga için üretilmiş patlamış mısır 7:09Şeker içermeyen şekerlemeler 8:32Diyet gazlı içecekler 9:26Summary:-Dükkândan alınan meyve sularının bazıları gerçek meyveler içerebilir, ancak içeriğinin çoğu su, şeker ve suni tatlandırıcıdır.-Protein ve enerji barları genellikle şeker, yapay ve şeker tadı veren tatlandırıcılar içeren, işlenmiş ürünlerdir.- Kahvaltılık gevrekler, üreticinin ürünü ambalajda sağlıklı olarak işaretlemesine izin veren az miktarda tam tahılın yanında sağlıksız şeker de içerir. - Margarin, katı hale gelmesi için tipik hidrojene edilmiş endüstriyel bitki yağlarından yapılır ve bu da margarinin trans yağ içeriğini önemli ölçüde artıran bir süreçtir. - Üreticiler, doğal yağlardaki lezzetin eksikliğini telafi etmek için “az yağlı” yoğurtlara şeker ilave ederler.- Saf süt veya krema yerine, üreticiler dondurma üretmek için palm ya da Hindistan cevizi yağı gibi daha ucuz hidrojene yağlar kullanırlar. Bu yağlar ısıtıldığında, dönüştükleri şey trans yağdan başka bir şey değildir.-Bir adet yumurta, büyük ve yağlı bir hamburger kadar kolesterol içerir.-Mikrodalga için üretilmiş patlamış mısırların hemen hemen hepsi teflon tavaların kaplı olduğu zehirli madde ile kaplıdır. - Şekerlemeler gerçek şeker içermiyorsa, aspartam, sukraloz ve sakarin gibi yapay tatlandırıcılar içerir. Bu maddeler kimyasal olarak işlenir ve bazı ciddi yan etkilere sahip olabilir.- Gazlı içeceklerdeki yapay tatlandırıcılar, vücudunuzun yağ depolamasına yol açan ensülin üretimini tetikledikçe kolayca kilo almaya yol açabilir._______________________________________________________________Olumlu bak kanalına abone olmak için: Dakikada Hallet kanalına abone olmak için:

‫بقلها متل ماحبلتك وزوجتك للعكيد بفضح كلشي اذا ماعطيتيني مصاري - عطر الشام - امارات رزق‬‎ - YouTube

dir="rtl"ابن عمتها بقلها متل ماحبلتك وزوجتك للعكيد بفضح كلشي اذا ماعطيتيني مصاري - عطر الشام - امارات رزق

DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release] - YouTube

NCS: Music Without LimitationsNCS Spotify: Download / Stream: Connect with NCSTwitch Follow DEAF KEVSoundCloud NCS YouTube PlaylistsNCS Drumstep - Melodic Dubstep - House - Dubstep - Drum&Bass - Trap - Hardstyle Become a SuperFan → NCS Merchandise → Check out our Usage Policy on how to use NCS music in your videos: request a commercial license visit:

Plant B الحلقة السابعة | سكر حلوة الدنيا سكر - Life is So Sweet - YouTube

dir="rtl"مفاجأة لمرضى السكر!! لو انتو فاكرين إنِّ مرض السكر هو حكم مدى الحياة وانكم لازم تعيشوا معاه بقية حياتكم .. عاوزين نقلكو الكلام ده مش صح .. انتوا ممكن تتخلصوا من مرض السكر.. شوفوا ازاي بالفيديو ده 🤩🤩ما تنسوش تجربوا تحدي ال 21 يوم !موقعنا: بالقناة:

The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism - YouTube

Discover why the restricted dynamic range of Blender is causing your renders to look fake. Why sRGB isn't suitable for rendering, and why 'Filmic Blender' is the magic solution that fixes everything.Read more on Blender Guru: Filmic Blender: Music:Tired Boy, by Joey Pecoraro:by Joey Pecoraro:me:Twitter:

🇸🇪 Sweden sees microchip implant revolution | Al Jazeera English - YouTube

The rise of biotechnology means that for more people even the most cutting-edge smartphones are becoming out of date. Having a microchip inserted under the skin is increasingly the way to go, nowhere more so than in Sweden. Thousands of Swedes now use the technology, attending "implant parties" to have chips inserted to replace their gym cards, national IDs and even train tickets. Al Jazeera's Paul Rhys reports from Lund.- Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:

How I managed Multiple AdSense Accounts? - YouTube

I'm using Multiple AdSense accounts in the same pc, but how can I do? let's See in this video..Business Email - TechRipoN@gmail.comPersonal Blog Site

Energieprofessor Volker Quaschning ("Scientists for Future") - Jung & Naiv: Folge 418 - YouTube

Abonniert den Kanal ► ► Welt ohne fossile Brennstoffe ist möglich und Energiegewinnung aus 100% erneuerbaren in Deutschland ist mehr als realistisch, sagt Volker Quaschning. Volker gehört zu den ersten WissenschaflterInnen, die sich bei "Scientists for Future" zusammengetan haben. Er ist Professor für Regenerative Energiesysteme an der HTW Berlin und in seinem Fachgebiet führender Experte für Erneuerbare Energien und Fragen der Energiewende.Mit Volker geht's zunächst um seinen Werdegang: Wie ist er an der Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin gelandet? Warum hat er sich schon in den 90ern für erneuerbare Energien interessiert? Was hat er jahrelang in Spanien gemacht? Wann begann der "Boom" von Solar- und Windkraft in Deutschland? Wie konnte dazu kommen? Wie wurde gefördert? Welche Arten von erneuerbaren Energien sind in Deutschland überhaupt möglich? Warum ist die Photovoltaik- und Windenergiewirtschaft heute am Boden? Welchen Anteil hat die Bundesregierung daran? Wie viele Arbeitsplätze haben wir in den letzten Jahren verloren?Es geht um Photovoltaik: Wie funktionieren Solarpanels überhaupt? Wie hat sich die Technik seit den 90ern weiterentwickelt? Warum ist Solarkraft mit den Jahren immer günstiger geworden? Was hält Volker von dem "Desertec"-Projekt, das in der Sahara gebaut werden und Europa mit Strom versorgen sollte?Es geht um Windkraft: Warum hat Volker seine Haltung zu "Off-Shore"-Windenergie geändert? Haben wir eigentlich schon genug Windräder in Deutschland? Wieso stehen so wenige davon in Bayern? Welche Rolle spielt der Stromleitungsausbau in Deutschland?Zum Schluss geht's neben dem Energiesektor noch um die Wärme- und Verkehrssektoren, die beim Klimaschutz entscheidend sind: Weshalb sollten Öl- und Gasheizungen verboten werden? Und warum sollten Neuzulassungen von Benzin- und Dieselfahrzeugen schon 2025 beendet werden?Das und vieles, vieles mehr in Folge 418 - wir haben sie am 28. Mai an der HTW Berlin aufgezeichnet.Bitte unterstützt unsere Arbeit finanziell:JungIBAN: DE36700222000072410386BIC: FDDODEMMXXXVerwendungszweck: Jung & NaivPayPal ► im Netz:- Youtube Homepage Twitter Instagram #Windenergie #ScientistsForFuture

Como ganhar seguidores e curtidas no instagram 2019 (ATUALIZADO) (FÁCIL) - YouTube

Me siga no Insta ganhar seguidores e curtidas no instagram 2019 (ATUALIZADO) (FÁCIL)como conseguir seguidores no instagram de graçaEsse video eu ensino a vocês como ganhar seguidores reais e curtidas#dicaparayoutubers #dicaparainstagram #comoganharseguidoresTags Ignorecomo ganhar muitos seguidores no instagram (método 2019),como ganhar muitos seguidores no instagram 2019 novo metodo,como ganhar muitos seguidores no instagram facil,como ganhar seguidores no instagram,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 100 por dia,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 10k,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 pelo celular,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 pelo pc,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 (metodo atualizado),como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 app,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 iphone,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 pelo celular,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019 pelo pc,como ganhar seguidores no instagram addmefast,como ganhar seguidores no instagram android,como ganhar seguidores no instagram apk,como ganhar seguidores no instagram aplicativo,como ganhar seguidores no instagram app android,como ganhar seguidores no instagram apps,como ganhar seguidores no instagram ate 5k,como ganhar seguidores no instagram atualizado,como ganhar seguidores no instagram atualizado 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram automaticamente,como ganhar seguidores no instagram bot,como ganhar seguidores no instagram br,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasil,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasileiros,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasileiros 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasileiros 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram bug,como ganhar seguidores no instagram celular,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com aplicativos,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com app,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com app 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com apps,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com bot,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com hacker,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com imacros,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com programa,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com site,como ganhar seguidores no instagram de forma rapida,como ganhar seguidores no instagram de forma segura,como ganhar seguidores no instagram de graça,como ganhar seguidores no instagram de um jeito facil,como ganhar seguidores no instagram,como ganhar seguidores no insta,isntagram,seguidores no insta,seguidores no instagram,aplicativos para ganhar seguidores,aplicativo para ganhar seguidores,no instagram,no insta,melhor aplicativo para,como ganar seguidores en instagramcomo gana seguidores,aplicaciones para ganar seguidores,seguidores reais,como ganhar curtidas no instagram,como ganar curtidas en instagram,muchos seguidores,sem APP,como ganhar seguidores no instagram,como ganhar seguidores no instagram 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram app,como ganhar seguidores no instagram gratis,como ganhar seguidores no instagram reais,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasileiros,como ganhar seguidores no instagram rapido,como ganhar seguidores no instagram aplicativo,como ganhar seguidores no instagram aplicativo 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram android,como ganhar seguidores no instagram ativos,como ganhar seguidores no instagram app 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram alex vargas,como ganhar seguidores no instagram automaticamente,como ganhar seguidores no instagram atualizado 2019,como ganhar seguidores no instagram bounty,como ganhar seguidores no instagram bot,como ganhar seguidores no instagram bug,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasil,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasileiros gratis,como ganhar seguidores no instagram brasileiros app,como ganhar seguidores no instagram br,como ganhar seguidores no instagram bielzau,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com app,como ganhar seguidores no instagram com aplicativo,



कैसे Demonetization ने बनाया अरबपति ? | Paytm Case Study | Dr Vivek Bindra - YouTube

In This Video, Dr. Vivek Bindra is talking about Paytm and How it became India's No.1 Fintech CompanyTo Attend a 4 hour Power Packed “Extreme Motivation & Peak Performance” Seminar of BOUNCE BACK SERIES, Call at +919310144443 or Visit attend upcoming LEADERSHIP FUNNEL PROGRAM, Call at +919810544443 or Visit the Leadership Funnel Program Testimonial Video, here at Follow our Official Facebook Page at and get updates of recent happenings, events, seminars, blog articles and daily motivation.#Trending #Paytm #DrVivekBindra

My Favorite VS Code Extensions - YouTube

Click "Show More" below for a full list of every extension I cover, as well as timestamps to jump ahead.0:00:34 - Emmet0:02:27 - Material Theme0:04:15 - Live Server0:05:59 - CSS Peek0:07:57 - Color Highlight0:09:57 - Bracket Pair Colorizer0:13:41 - ES7/React Snippets0:16:18 - Prettier Now

Ultrawide Festival 2015 $10,000 DREAM SETUP - Live Build - YouTube

I finally completed our first ever live build on Twitch yesterday. This is one badass rig...Thanks to LG for hosting the Ultrawide Festival and this Dream Setup contest!Congratulations to our winner, Ryland. Enjoy the build!Pricing & discussion:

AutoCrat (Version 3) Tutorial - YouTube

Learn how to use the free add-on for Google Sheets to take the information collected by a Google Form and automatically merge it into a Google Doc or PDF document, and then have that document sent via email.* This video shows how to use Version 3 of AutoCrat, released .

‫فتح الصندوق وتجربة شاشه إل جي 49 بوصة | افضل شاشة تلفزيون 4k‬‎ - YouTube

dir="rtl"فتح الصندوق ومراجعه لأفضل شاشه 49 بوصه سمارت من إل جي| رابط الشراء من سوق دوت كوم بخصم خاص : الشراء من أمازون : بريد المراسلات التجارية : info@matrix219.comبريد مراسلات التدريب والكورسات المدفوعة :▬ Equipments i Use : المعدات التي أستخدمها• All Equipment in our Shop : Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam :Kit lens Canon EF-S 10-18mm : Canon EOS 80D + Kit Lens : Canon EOS 70D : Canon G7X Mark II : Shure VP83 Mic : ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬You Can send Me Gifts & Products to Review : عنوان ارسال المراجعات أو الهداياName: Mahmoud IdriesAddress Line 1:6804 NE 79th CourtAddress Line 2:#477740City:PortlandState:OregonCountry:United StatesPostcode:97218TEL:503-384-2291▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬• Donate Us through Paypal: Vlogs Channel : Website: Arabic Blog: Channel page on Facebook: Channel Group on Facebook: Our shop in Amazon: My account on Instagram: My Account on Twitter: My account on Google Plus: contact Me:▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬Who i am :My name is Mahmoud Idries Matrix219 Founder, Content Creator & SEO Specialist, Lives in Egypt. also I'm...• YouTube NextUp Winner 2017• MENA Top Contributor in #Google• YouTube Certified.▬▬▬© Copyright Matrix219 Channel. All rights reservedقناة ماتريكس219 هي قناة تهتم بـ" #الربح من الانترنت - #التسويق الالكتروني - الهندسة الاجتماعية - أمن المعلومات - الربح من #اليوتيوب " أشارك معكم خلالها تجارب أو خبرات في صورة فلوجات تقنية من وقت لآخر.

The four-letter code to selling anything | Derek Thompson | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity - YouTube

Why do we like what we like? Raymond Loewy, the father of industrial design, had a theory. He was the all-star 20th-century designer of the Coca-Cola fountain and Lucky Strike pack; the modern sports car, locomotive, Greyhound bus and tractor; the interior of the first NASA spaceship; and the egg-shaped pencil sharpener. How did one man understand what consumers wanted from so many different areas of life? His grand theory of popularity was called MAYA: Most advanced yet acceptable. He said humans are torn between two opposing forces: neophilia, a love of new things; and neophobia; a fear of anything that’s too new. Hits, he said, live at the perfect intersection of novelty and familiarity. They are familiar surprises. In this talk, I’ll explain how Loewy’s theory has been validated by hundreds of years of research — and how we can all use it to make hits.Derek Thompson is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about economics, technology and media. He is a news analyst with NPR's afternoon show “Here and Now," appearing weekly on Mondays, and an on-air contributor to CBS News. The recipient of several honors, including the 2016 Best in Business award for Columns and Commentary from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, he is the author of the national bestselling book Hit Makers: How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

特斯拉Model S的秘密 - YouTube

Original video source :

VSCode - 10 Useful Extensions for Web Development | GTCoding - YouTube

My Skillshare course (2 months free trial): friends, in this video I talk about my favorite extensions for VS Code. VS Code is an awesome code editor. If you liked this video please click on the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE to this channel to get the latest video updates.

Phasor Diagram of RL, RC and RLC Circuits (with Examples) - YouTube

In this video, Phasor diagram representation of voltage and current for Series RC, RL and RLC circuit has been explained and the examples based on this phasor representation has been solved. 1.Phasor diagram of Series RL Circuit:For series RL circuit, the voltage will lead the current. And this leading angle depends upon the value of inductive reactance (XL) and resistance. As leading angle φ = tan-1(XL/R)Impedance of series RL circuit will be Z= R+jXL2. Phasor Diagram of Series RC CircuitFor, series RC circuit the current will lead the voltage by an angle φ.And this leading angle will be φ= tan-1(Xc/R)The impedance of the RC Circuit will be Z= R + jXc3. Phasor Diagram of Series RLC CircuitFor Series RLC circuit, depending upon the value of XL and Xc voltage can either lead or lag the current.if XL is greater than Xc then the voltage will lead the currentif Xc is greater than XL then current will lead the voltageThis leading angle φ = tan-1(XL-Xc/R)and the impedance of the Series RLC circuit will be Z= R + j(XL- Xc)Timestamps for the different topics is given below0:40 Quick recap of the last video1:18 Significance of j operator2:25 Series RL Circuit5:47 Series RC Circuit8:30 Series RLC Circuit12:00 Example 114:21 Example 216:38 Example 3The downloadable pdf link for examples based on Phasors and AC Circuits (For Practice)video will be helpful to all students of science and engineering in understanding the phasor and phasor diagram for AC circuits and how to draw phasor diagram for series RL, RC and RLC circuits. Follow me on YouTube:me on Facebook:me on Instagram:Credit:

5000 Points in 1 Hours FollowLike Automatically - YouTube

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Options Mastery - Understanding Options Delta - Part I - YouTube

** Facebook : Twitter: LinkedIn: Website:Email: infoatprorsi@gmail.comLearn everything about the #niftyfuture #nifty .#SpeakingTechnically is an Knowledge Show on the ProRSI YouTube Channel. Through Speaking Technically we aim to break the myths of Trading using Technical analysis and Training in the financial markets and provide true Knowledge to people which Trading Guru's have been hiding till now. Started By Bharat Jhunjhunwala. He is an International Certified Technical Analyst and a successful trader. He has trained more than 5000 people all over the world. He has written many articles/blogs over a period of time which has been appreciated for its content and TRUTH. Bharat is a CMT, CFTe, and MSTA. He has been awarded MFTA from the prestigious IFTA (USA), for his works on RSI. He has been closely involved in trading stock and commodities since 2006.

Jim's reviewing the Saddleback Leather Co. Large Satchel, really? - YouTube

Using the Large Satchel, here are some observations into the utilitarian nature of Saddleback Leather Company's products.

How Capcom's clever CPS2 Arcade Game Copy Protection stopped bootleg games | MVG - YouTube

Arcade Game bootlegging was rampant in 80s and 90s with many arcade manufacturers including Capcom in the firing line with their CPS1 arcade hardware. But Capcom learned from their mistakes and the CPS2 hardware from 1993 to 2007 - long past its end of life - became impossible to crack.This is the story of how Capcom kept bootleggers away from the CPS2 arcade hardware for over 15 years and how different individuals eventually lead to the ultimate defeat of the encryption.► Consider supporting me- of People and sources used to make this episode:► Charles MacDonald - Nicola Salmoria - Razoola/CPS2Shock - Ange Albertini - Arcade Games Preservation via Hacking - Pau Oliva Fora- Eduardo Cruz - Andreas Naive - Ian Court - Artemio Urbina - Social Media Links :► Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : BandCamp: The Real MVP Podcast : #CPS2 #CopyProtection

IL CUBO DI RUBIK PIU' LUNGO MAI RISOLTO ( Difficile a dir poco) - YouTube

Oggi lo zio Hyde prova a risolvere il rompicapo del cubo di rubik piu' lungo di sempre! Canale Hyde: strani: "marble": comprare il B e Dan Lock: bottiglia: Scatola di budapest: rompicapo base: di londra: in legno: delle chiavi: scatola difficile: banconota (difficile): impossibile: acquistare i mazzi e libri di magia con lo sconto "jacknobile":i magie a vicenda: dove imparo a fare cose: mio libro: per video:Cuffie cancellazione rumore: doni della morte: cosa registro: che uso: per i vlog e riprese veloci: che uso: Sd: ISCRIVITI E ATTIVA LE NOTIFICHE: FACEBOOK: I VIDEO DELLA SETTIMANA MAGICA: Vlog No Copyright

AfD-Politiker fliegt nach Merkel-Attacke aus der Bürgerschaft - YouTube

In der Aktuellen Stunde der heutigen Sitzung der Hamburgischen Bürgerschaft kam es während eines Redebeitrags des AfD-Politikers Ludwig Flocken zum Eklat.

HACKED!: Adding a Current Limit Feature to a Buck/Boost Converter - YouTube

Support me for more videos:video: Buck/Boost Converter: project information (schematic, pictures,....) on Instructables: list (incomplete, see Instructables for more) Buck/Boost Converter: LF33 Voltage Regulator: 10nF Capacitor: 10µF Capacitor: 0.1Ω Current shunt: 3.3kΩ, 2x 100kΩ Resistor: MCP602 OpAmp: 10kΩ Trimmer: UF4007 Diode: Voltage/Current Meter: Buck/Boost Converter: LF33 Voltage Regulator: 10nF Capacitor: 10µF Capacitor: 0.1Ω Current shunt: 3.3kΩ, 2x 100kΩ Resistor: MCP602 OpAmp: 10kΩ Trimmer: UF4007 Diode: Voltage/Current Meter: Lookalike by BartlebeatsEcstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte this episode of HACKED! I will have a closer look at a common buck/boost converter and create a small, additional circuit that adds a current limit feature to it. With it, the buck/boost converter can be used just like a variable lab bench power supply. You want to support my videos?You can browse and buy tools&materials from my Amazon Store. This way I get a small you feel super generous and want to use this Amazon link as your Amazon home page. And do not worry, your purchases are all anonym and the prices are all the

The most UNDERRATED lens EVERYONE needs! - YouTube

THE NIFTY 50 LENS: Lightroom PRESET PACK: - Edit your photos with 15 brand new presets! Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : Music I use: - AMAZING for YouTubersMy Super Awesome Tactical Camera Bag : MAIN Camera - Second Backup Camera - FAVOURITE Lens Ever - Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING - Magic Canon Lens of Life - Mic I use - Boom Mic I use for Crispy Audio : Drone - Bigger Drone - Tiny Drone - stabilizer I use with iPhone : Slider - BEST monopod - HERO 5 - ME: Instagram:

ALAN BECKER - Flash Basics (revamped) - YouTube

Further animation learning (Bloop Animation): you need to know to operate the program I use to make my animations! This topic is receiving a well deserved remake after 4 years. See original: MAIN CHANNEL: MINECRAFT CHANNEL: stuff:how to use adobe flash adobe animate CC CS6 CS5 CS4 tutorial rundown crash course breakdown for dummies in depth tools features highlights stick figure

‫اليسا أجمل إحساس ( Michael Younes )‬‎ - YouTube

This song is a gift from me to everyone who is a lover ;)Michael Younes ;)

Instalar e Usar Imacros no Chrome - YouTube

====================Quero Bitcoin====================Instale o IMacros para o Google Chrome e automatize seu navegador para fazer tarefas por você. Deixe que seu computador trabalhe por você ganhando muitos Bitcoins.Acessar site: abrir o arquivo .iim utilize o Bloco de notas ou um editor de texto simples.Freebitcoin: seu navegador para ele trabalhar por você:Imacros:

5G Apocalipsis. Quieres Ver Esto Cuanto Antes! - YouTube

⛔ 🙉🙊🙈 Videos Censurados en Patreon: ⛔ 🙉🙊🙈👍Escríbeme por Facebook: 👍👍Sigueme en Twitter: 👍☕ Invita a Libertalya a un café: ☕👍 Apoya a Libertalya con PayPal: 👍► Apóyame con BITCOIN usando: 12rDec1xTzTfiTV3FVSm8DPGRY2Wcsb7A6 Libertalya también está en: ► Mi Canal Libertalia en Ingles: Libertalya en Bit.Tube : ► SUSCRIBETE a Libertalya – Verdad y Libertad: ►Videos Populares Libertalya: ❤❤❤ "Si me insultas, serás borrado/a de la existencia de mi canal" --- lo ASEGURO! ❤❤❤►Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas Artículo 19💪Todo individuo tiene derecho a la libertad de opinión y de expresión; este derecho incluye el de no ser molestado a causa de sus opiniones, el de investigar y recibir informaciones y opiniones, y el de difundirlas, por cualquier medio de expresión.💪👽No estoy aquí para despertar a aquellos que quieren seguir dormidos. Estoy aquí para aquellos que no son conscientes de que están durmiendo. Pues la población en general no sabe lo que está ocurriendo, y ni siquiera sabe, que no sabe.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ░░░░░░░░░ LIBERTAD DE EXPRESIÓN ░░░░░░░░░ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Libertalya Microfono: Libertalya Camara Web: Programa Editar Videos: Camara barata tierra plana: Camara cara tierra plana: #libertalya #5G #WiFiOtros Videos:► Puedo Convencerte de que la Tierra es Plana► Descubren un mapa antiguo que revela zonas OCULTAS de la Tierra► China revela al mundo como es la luna►El rap de German► Los Hermanos Hola Soy German► YOUTUBERS EN HOLLYWOOD | Epic Vlog► PLANETA VEGETTA: UNA GRAN AVENTURA NOS ESPERA► El niño más pesado de YouTube► Las 7 ubicaciones más misteriosas de Google Maps y Google Earth

Foolish Refund Scammer Caught Cheating - YouTube

Alright so obviously all scammers cheat in one way or another but this guy just can't stop. The best part is how full of himself he is while he's doing it. Watch the next call live: Call........ @kitbogaInstagram.... kitbogashowTwitch.......... by...... LemondroppedJust so you know, you're never going to have a legitimate company calling you for a refund, asking to see your bank account. I highly recommend you don't answer your phone if you don't recognize the number, and always verify who you are talking to- and call them back on the companies public number just to be sure.

Casino Secrets Revealed by Owner: How to WIN slots or pokies. Bonus: Gambling Psychology Explained - YouTube

Casino Secrets Revealed by Owner: How to WIN slots or pokies. Bonus: Gambling Psychology ExplainedDo you want to win more at slots or pokies? Do you know how those machines work? Do you want to help a friend who has gambling problem? Do you want to stop gambling?Watch this video again and again. Remind yourself that the sound and graphics of slots are just entertainment. Quit while ahead. Play with fixed budget. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.Gambling is entertainment. It is NEVER meant to make you rich. Just like all other entertainment would never make you rich either.Want to be rich with gambling? Own the casino. Like all the 67000 casino shareholders in Australia. Share and Like this video. Forward it to your friends. It might just prevent the next generation becoming problem gamblers.

This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch - YouTube

Suspicious emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safe deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country. They pop up in our inboxes, and standard procedure is to delete on sight. But what happens when you reply? Follow along as writer and comedian James Veitch narrates a hilarious, months-long exchange with a spammer who offered to cut him in on a hot deal.Get TED Talks recommended just for you! Learn more at TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more.Follow TED on Twitter: TED on Facebook: to our channel:

[Leather Craft] Making a Classic bucket bag / tutorial / Free Pdf Template - YouTube

Making a Classic bucket bag (Medium size) Hope you like my video and leather craft template. If you want to get the pattern Please follow instruction down below. Thank you! =)+Thanks for 7.0k subscription! HahnsAtelier will keep making good contents. Thanks again![Material & Thickness]Leather : Dakota Olive green (Italian vegetable tanned) Thickness : 1.8t (4oz)Supplier : EzerLeather ★Pattern here★ It'll be amazing if you click 👍 when you get pattern. Pattern download : : to HahnsAtelier :★If you support me, you are making a huge impact on my life and I will always do my best to create the best content possible! 😊★ PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU'RE USING MY TEMPLATE ★You can promote my channel and share links, but the following actions are unacceptable.- Pretending to be HahnsAtelier- Selling my patterns- Distributing my patterns without my permission- Unauthorized uploading of my videos to other channel (sites)You can use my template for non-commercial purposes (personal use only) It CAN'T be used in anything monetized or commercial. I won't be held accountable for whatever happens. #leathercraft #bucketbag #bag #DIY #womenbag-------------------------------------------------------------------Music creditArtist : LAKEY INSPIRED Celebration, Monroe, Island, Warm Nights» SoundCloud:

Green Screen Tips, Tricks and Materials - Chromakey Tutorial - YouTube

Learn the tips and tricks of filming on green screen from this tutorial you will learn the dos and don'ts of chromakey.

"Free Energy Magnetic Fidget Spinner" Real? - YouTube

We all know that Youtube is flooded with "Free Energy" scams, and Fidget Spinner videos. In this video we'll see if it's possible to make an ordinary Fidget Spinner into a magnetic endless spinning device. You must watch the ENTIRE video to understand why it was made! Enjoy**Link to my "Free Energy" scam exposing video playlist:honesty? Then help support this channel by visiting the link below. All donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!Tectalabyss & bklynlandlord, Thanks for your generous $5/mo donation!**For GREAT deals(Usually cheaper than EBAY) on neodymium magnets, Fidget Spinners, electronics, drones, automotive tools, household items, phone accessories, locksmith tools, & much more, please visit the link below and SAVE IT AS A BOOKMARK on your computer or smartphone to Banggood for future purchases. (Your purchase supports my channel!) All Items: Flash Deals: **Try these money saving coupon codes: affiliate6 or aff7off or f8aaf1 or 781622 or 5719ed or elec** or ask if other codes are available!Thanks For Watching!MUSIC IN THE VIDEO:"Shoulder Closures" from Youtube's music list.***If you enjoy watching my videos, then be sure to SUBSCRIBE, POST LINKS to my videos on other websites & blogs, rate "THUMBS UP", and check out my video playlists. Doing so helps to ensure that many more videos will be uploaded to my YT channel in the future. (Views are absolutely essential to ensure this channel remains in an active state)***

Hướng dẫn sử dụng tool tạo mail - luuquangict - YouTube

Ai cần mua thì cũng bán tool nhé :))Cung cấp Email số lượng lớn ^^Contact skype: luuquangictfacebook:

Wow!!!!! Make an Amazing Spot Welding Machine | Brilliant Idea DIY - YouTube

1st: $5 for 10 PCBs with PCBWay: New member first order free 10 PCBs with PCBWay: Free shipment for assemble order with PCBWay: sponsored PCBs from PCBWay:VIDEOSBUY Generators Motors : to make 220v AC from a 12v Car Alternator at Low RPMto make a 5V Aluminium Battery at home DIYAutomatic ON OFF room emergency Led lightto do connections for universal motorAC from a 12v Car Alternator at Low RPMConnections Explanation and Working tutorial videoAwesome Life Hacksto AC Converter with Dead Induction Motorto make an Electric Bike from old petrol Bikev to 220 v DC to AC Converter ( Inverter 1 )to Make a 400V ac generatorfree generator that run a Drillto make a mobile phone screen projectorGenerator Idea with Motor 2018do transformer windingto Make DC Transformer DIY to make an electric bicycle at home 40 km per hourRickshaw Motor Generator 220v220v ac power tools at just 12v dcCurrent DC Step Down Converter DIYto DC Boost Converter DIYto make a powerful welding machine with capacitor bank12v to 220v 500W power inverter without icvolts DC Motor at 5000 volts high speed experimentdc to 220v ac Project InverterIdea for Drill its New DIY 2018stepper motor continuously without a driver circuit100w dc motor speed controllerac Motor to Generator conversion ExperimentVolts 64 Amps DC Motor Generator 750 WattsMixer Motor as a 100W Generator a New Idea to Self Exciteto AC simple buzzer inverterto make a 18650 battery tab spot welderto step up output voltage of wind turbine generators1500W DC Motor with just 3V cell energy Generator that can run a Angle GrinderMotor with Clutch Technology Amazing Techto Charge 12V Batteries with 3V Cell Amazing IdeaVoltage Plasma Generator at homeAlternator Repairing with simple toolsEnergy from Stepper Motor3V DC MOTOR forced at 4000Va 20,000V High Voltage AC to DC Converter Rectifier DIYExcite an Alternator with a DC Generator DIYexcite an alternator without any DC Generator, capacitor bank or batteryuniversal motor to magnet dc motor diyto make a wireless circuit12V bike, car or ups battery with laptop charger220v Mixer Motor at just 12v Full RPM and Torqueto make a 50,000v inverter at home

Psychological Flirting Techniques - Tips to Flirt Better - YouTube

Nobody really teaches you how to be attractive. You were never taught how to go on a date with a girl you like... And it's really rare to be taught how to actually flirt correctly. Let me be your mentor. I'll teach you how to become a confident, dominant man and attract the exact type of women you want in your life. Imagine having the confidence to effortlessly walk up to any girl you like...Get 50% off before Valentine's day:


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Spring Tutorial 01 - Understanding Dependency Injection - YouTube

In this tutorial, we'll understand the concept of Dependency Injection.

How To Use Pinterest For Business|Stop Paying Thousands Of Dollars|The Complete Pinterest Guide - YouTube

How To Use Pinterest For Business|Stop Paying Thousands Of Dollars|The Complete Pinterest Guide! *PLEASE SUBSCRIBE*Do you ever wonder what people are doing on pinterest to get huge amounts of traffic and make sales? Well in this post, I will show you exactly how to use pinterest for business and how you too can start leveraging this awesome platform the right way to get those same results fast. People are paying hundreds of dollars to learn what I am about to teach you for free so read on.Pinterest is a visual search engine, just like google and YouTube you can search for pretty much anything and you would be able to find it on pinterest. What makes this platform so amazing is the fact that people are actually searching for what you are offering, understanding this concept will help you get ahead of the crowd faster. Read this article to understand what pinterest is before you continue.Another important tip before we get started is remembering to optimize your images the same way you would on YouTube or a blog post, adding keywords and descriptions that people are searching for in your pin descriptions can help get your pins ranked higher in the pinterest search engine.Read the complete article @ also want to watch this new video about audience interest, it will take your pinning to the next level!

反逃犯條例抗爭升級,民陣籲700萬人下周一罷工罷市罷課林鄭下台! (主持:李慧玲、桑普 烽煙訪問 陳志全、岑子杰) 左右大局 D100 ASI asi 2.1 - YouTube

反逃犯條例抗爭升級,民陣籲700萬人下周一罷工罷市罷課林鄭下台! (主持:李慧玲、桑普 烽煙訪問 陳志全、岑子杰) 左右大局 D100 ASI 梁君彥表示,已預留61小時審議法案,本周三、四預留17.5小時,並再在本周五及下周初加會,周五加開4小時;下周一、二加開22小時,以及下周三、周四預留17.5完成審議。其中約9小時是在恢復二讀辯論,議員發言及官員回應;約41小時合併辯論沒有修正案及有修正案的條文和154項修正案;約5小時表決修正案;約6小時處理餘下程序,包括辯論及表決三讀議案。立法會行政管理委員會今發通告,將限制議員助理出入立法會大樓,以及大樓內樓層,出入大樓需接受安檢,大批議員助理今午作出抗議,譴責行管會及大會主席梁君彥。議員助理葉健強表示,議助不是逃犯,不明為何每次有事發生時,行管會及秘書處把議助視為暴徒,強調議助及議員是唇齒相依,互相合作以確保議會工作可順利進行。民陣召集人岑子杰稱視今次的行動為「打仗」、「最重要係時機,否則會輸得好慘。」他表示因應當日有市民將會罷工,故已申請不反對通知書,當日將於立法會外全日直播會議,並邀請專業人士講解議事規則等,而當日集會將於晚上10時結束。不過他強調本月26日及27日為「最後一戰」,呼籲大家屆時動員包圍立法會。相關香港新聞:1. 李慧玲, 吳明德教授:民陣百萬人反逃犯條例69大遊行3大關鍵觀察,林鄭下台建制問緊邊個接班!(D100 會客室 左右大局吳明德論經濟特別版) asi 2.1 (反逃犯條例遊行市民哭求民陣岑子杰!下一步光復立法會李慧琼首當其衝! (主持:李慧玲、陳沛然 嘉賓:民陣發言人岺子杰) 左右大局 D100 asi 2.1 (李慧玲: 反逃犯條例百萬人69大遊行政府好驚青,林鄭跛腳鴨王志民趁你病攞你命! (主持:李慧玲、陳沛然) 左右大局 D100 asi 2.1 (香港: www.d100.netFacebook:立法會 #梁君彥 #陳志全 #林鄭 #d100 #葉健強 #行管會 #李慧玲 #修正案 #不反對通知書 #立法會大樓 #議事規則 #秘書處 #議員助理 #專業人士 #通知書 #行政管理委員會 #最後一戰 #左右大局 #下台 #岑子杰 #逃犯條例 #罷市罷課

How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime - SELL ME THIS PEN - YouTube

Click Here To Discover MORE Sales Secrets: if you could sell anything, to anyone, anytime, anywhere. In this video, Dan Lok reveals 3 secrets to do exactly that. Click Here To See The Dan Lok Global Community:SUBSCRIBE TO DAN'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👇out these Top Trending Playlists - 1.) Boss In The Bentley:Sales Tips That Get People To Buy - Dan Lok’s Best Secrets - Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator. Mr. Lok is leading a global education movement spanning across 120+ countries where Mr. Lok has taught millions of men and women to develop high income skills, unlock true financial confidence and master their financial destinies.Beyond his success in business, Mr. Lok was also a two times TEDx opening speaker. An international best-selling author of over a dozen books. And the host of The Dan Lok Show – a series featuring billionaire tycoons and millionaire entrepreneurs. Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in hundreds of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world.★☆★ CONNECT WITH DAN ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★Podcast: #SellAnything #SellMeThisPenThis video is about How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime - SELL ME THIS PEN

Bitcoin e Blockchain: 10 fatti che non puoi ignorare - YouTube

►Scopri Slashers 4books? Abstract di libri di business ogni settimana, vai su per più video Vuoi ricevere la mia OGNITANTOLETTER ?►sulla Mia Pagina Facebook ► su Instagramil Monty Breakfast Club 99% dei miei contenuti è GRATIS. Produco da anni migliaia di video, decine di interviste con personaggi italiani e stranieri, faccio eventi gratuiti ogni volta che posso e il mio videocorso è gratis per tutti i licei e le università italiane. Faccio del mio meglio per produrre qualcosa di valido, sapendo di non essere nembo kid e provo a dare il mio contributo alla divulgazione delle opportunità del digitale (con senso critico e possibilmente cum grano salis come diceva la mia prof credo di latino...).Spero davvero che tra tutti questi contenuti ci sia qualche spunto utile per qualcuno. Tutto qui.L'1% dei contenuti è invece a pagamento dentro al nuovo Monty Breakfast Club, che è pensato soltanto per chi vuole aggiornarsi su come comunicare/fare business grazie all'online (a.k.a. per riuscire a far meno cag*are online ;) in modo organizzato e strutturato.Qui se ti interessa qui le info

Trick Secret Digit Differs - earn money binary options - YouTube

How to earn and make money in the best way and easy for everyone By working at Home. this is 100% online work. anyone can do it as well as for beginners though. who are just learning to make money from the internet. Binary options and forex education for everyone to trade. like a broker Binary com, iq option, olymp trade, expert option and others.* used Strategyand trick: rise fall, touch and no touch option, high lower option, put and call, Matches/Differs, Ends Between/Ends Outside, Stays Between/Goes Outside and others.-----------------------------------------------------Note: follow the rules, do not be arrogant, discipline, focus and believe in your own ability. then you can become a successful Binary Options Trading and Forex-----------------------------------------------------Gokil Om Jindul :Trader, Manage your account, Funds Manager, Teacher Binary Options and Forex Market, Trader Binary com, Trader Iq Option, Trader Olymp Trade, Trader Expert Option*Business/Endorse :Email : omjindul@hotmail.comWhatsapp : +6289516487337Link Website * : Private Class * : binary com Trading : IQ Option Trading : Olymp Trade Trading : Expert Option Trading : Tips & tricks : music :Youtube Audio Library#gokilbinary#omjindul#keysuccesstrader

Japanese Woodworking Tip - "Kigoroshi" - YouTube

Stop watching, and start making!Has this video inspired you to want to start creating your own works of art? If so, you’re probably not satisfied simply watching someone else work, right?What I think you really want to do is feel the texture of the wood with your own fingers, smooth the surface of a piece of timber with a hand plane, and put together pieces of timber that you crafted with your own hands. I’m not wrong, am I? Then I urge you to visit the following link. step-by-step tutorial videos will help you learn the essentials of Japanese woodworking so that you can craft whatever you want by yourself, with your own two hands. It's time to stop watching and start making your own masterpiece today!Want to watch more videos? Go to to read full script? Go to technical questions? Ask from used in the videoZ double-edged 240Tsunehiro bench chisels

【Stanley】路西恩 中路黑人偷錢流 4分30口袋掏出殞落!幫Toyz代班的原因是... - YouTube

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