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Amazing vid :-)

if you dont know boy story- they are a group of boys from JYP ENT. and they are vERY YOUNG. Their ages are from 2004 to 2007.

edgie cam

It look like it got curved

Devils' Advocacy Productions

Bleeping it is kinda fucked up.

Terra Claiborne

I'm saying the N word to this guy.

Solomon Jackson

do the liegon of boom!!!!!!!

Kwang Hyun

Wow who cares

Rafly Rizqyta

Hey its in AXN asia now

BTW, awesome thumbnail!

Sheldon Washington

6:22 dat noise was so unexpected

Love Kochhar

Injustice is best

Cleo The Dog

Pause at 2:02 and in the back next to. WTF!

Donut Girl

Yep I feel ya 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Emir Kartajumena


Jair Santos

que lindo vou chorar, coliçença gente vopu ali chorara no canto por que nunca vou conhecer o kook :-(

Vikash Raaz Vikash

We all accept

Gummi_ Narwhal_29

This is why you wear one-pieces

Shaggy will save us all

Brett Slensky


crimpeling depression

You forgot the Just Cause Easter egg, you find on the border near the broken down bridge.

cyi watss

Me: Walks to car


These are actually pretty good! I haven't seen any of these besides the splatoon one and the ghost recon one, and even then I've never heard of that interview.

Awsome Gamer


Chandler:Loses the challenge


You forget stan Lee easter egg :(

Littyy Kittyy

She made a whole hint about how she came to the conclusion of putting dementors in her books saying she felt like something was “sucking the life” out of her and she referenced her depression whilst creating the dementors and I’m here for this iconic storytelling legend!!✨

Julian Rodriguez

Giant ping pong


I had depression, my grades started to drop

Jyri Lappalainen

Google guitar


Woah... Games sure want Indy dead.

Grrr Whalien52

This should be a kdrama 😂


What’s this song called?!?

Jdawg Banana


Teck Englund

The commish

Jman Jr.

Ping pong trick shots 3was the best

Mussell Bestbrook

Your videos are so and thorough.

Charlotte tomatensoep

How much tries ?

Vlan Doom

Wait you seriously brought a rocket launcher to beat up eli?

Atasi Dey

Only 2 more years until the master builder reaches the home village.


I swear, his hair gets lighter and lighter

Sky Nigger - Swaggest Non-Racist

i thought he would had Lightning element, that would turn into an anime!

whoever loves bobby like this comment.

Astro_ Happier

YAy ty wOn

JEOGRAPHY Songs For Kids

So this is how I learn that Ethan and Hila and not brother and sister.

R .R

If she had a foster family and her real mom forced her back that makes no sense


The scene in Brave was mind-blowing. Best Pixar easter egg ever. And yes it was in The Incredibles when they're just about to drop out of the sky in the RV. Similarly to how you fucking found it in Ratatouille. Damn.


I watched these kind of stuffs to understand my sister. I wish i can help her and tell her she's not alone, but im not the type of person that would show how i care abt that person. I don't know if its making any sense to you guys, but no matter how much i care i couldn't bring myself to tell her how much i care abt her. Im just not a social person.

Leone King

Where's Cody?

Émilie Portillo-Sandoval

thelego WOW

rüdiger altmann

hallo freunde