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Trixy Dust

I have the same thing I am a little depressed but I’m getting over it

Samoht Solacad

To the Pinoy Warrior fans out there, you think the Warrior management should hire an Albularyo or hilot master in their entourage? I’ve had all kinds of injuries/pain from a fall/slipping, and native hilot/massage has worked for me almost all the time and got well the next day.

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Omg jk Rowling HARRY POTTER


Ok that's clearly an android

Evan Schmitt

I love him

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hmmm.... those things are challenges, not easter eggs.

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Congrats guys!




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Mt favorite football team is the Steelers

Happy New Years.

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Taylor is the grinch

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Great vid guru I love ya man

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I Got Pregnant By My Cat !!


Seonghwa is so beautiful. 💜💜

i came

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You’re a chesting asshole I’m sorry bro

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Is it weird that old garret looks like my grandpa

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omg double panda

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It was a nice idea :)

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Grayson is literally so perfect

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7:14 my dad

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Damn Matt i want Kill it

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Who is panda

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Muslim? Me too 💞

4- every fucking night. i struggle so much to sleep. i dont go all night without sleeping but it takes so. damn. long. although there were a few nights where i didn't and it seems as if they're increasing..

1000 subscribers without video !

Minecraft trailer song!

Foxy shine

Mmmm this story is kinda similar to the story I sented well probably not 😅

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My favorite team is the Nationals

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So i am a psychopaths, i knew it!

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Where’s garret

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Yea sure a few bottles